Look into the deep history of the Earth. What do we see from the past?

The only remaining evidence of this ancient history is in geology. Geology records what happened. We may never know what life was really like for dinosaurs. The fact that they existed, we do know, along with the comings and goings of life over time on this planet. So how will geology remember us? Who’s going to be around to look? If we become extinct, it might be the case that some future advanced species on Earth, 10 million years from now, having re-evolved thumbs and technology all over again might conclude: A six foot tall bipedal animal became successful enough to grow to huge numbers, spread across the planet, and essentially ate its way through the whole ecology causing Earth’s 6th mass extinction. Part of the process resulted in massive climate upheaval.

And that’s us, that’s all; just another event in Earth’s long history…


Unless we get it right. We need to come to terms with who we are, how we’re shaping the planet and how we can navigate through the 21st century to make sure that humanity becomes Earth’s crowning glory and not just a blip in Earth history. We need to understand the monkey and the caveman and work out what we are.

My book aims to help chart this process.


Download my book…

You can download my book here for FREE but if you wish to pay £3.50, I’d really appreciate that. One thing that might actually make you want to pay for the book is – I really am trying to make a difference in the world. The book is just part of that. I also do a lot of environmental activism. I’ve been arrested 9 times, only 2 convictions! Long may it continue. The activism that is… not the arrests and definitely not the convictions.

Download here: How not to be a monkey in the 21st Century


Jeff Rice was born in Nottingham, England, Earth. He has always had philosophical leanings. This has mainly expressed itself during conversations in the pub. Well, where better to have formative intellectual conversations? He once went and sat in field in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, waiting to be ‘collected’ by extraterrestrials. Something happened… but it could have just been a low-flying aircraft. Odd though. Jeff has been an environmental activist and campaigner since studying Ecology at Manchester University in the early nineties. He insists that he is neither monkey nor caveman, despite appearance.


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