Which religion is the right one?

Are you having doubts about your religious faith?

I’m here to reassure you, that that’s fine. There’s a solution.

Some of the problems of religion are things like:

Why would God, all-loving and all-powerful, allow natural evils to torment and kill people?

Why can’t he keep kids from getting cancer?

If God wants us to accept him, does he hide himself from humanity?

Why would a loving God consign sinners to an eternity of torture for crimes that don’t warrant such punishment?

Would a loving God really let someone burn forever because they didn’t get baptized?

What about honour killings or religious wars? There’s nothing virtuous about murder.

How do any believers know for sure that their faith is the right one? If only one faith can be right, it follows, logically, that none of them are. There are all wrong.

Many modern day societies have a more advanced moral structure than that of religions, like acceptance of gay people, for example. Many religions have simply fixed long outdated laws and social norms into their traditions.

Religions often allow us to view animals as lesser beings. Isn’t it better to see that we are all earthlings? It’s becoming increasingly apparent that animals can be very sophisticated, both emotionally and intellectually. Who knows, maybe even spiritually. They even have individual personalities.

Perhaps what religions originally were trying to interpret, was a spiritual dimension of the universe. Something that may exist and that we go to when we die, but something that is difficult to know.

So if you’re thinking of giving up your religion – don’t worry – you can still believe that there is some kind of spiritual existence out there. Just out of reach.

It’s fine not to follow a religion.

It’s fine to give up all those odd religious rules.

If a God or Gods are out there, they’d be fine with you simply living a morally just life.

After much personal soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that we just can’t say whether or not there’s a spiritual dimension to the Universe… and that’s ok. You just have to relax with that situation. Just be a good person. Live well. Be nice to other people. Not rocket science is it?

I hope that one day, science will prove the existence of a spiritual dimension.

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