Accidental apocalypse and Noah’s Ark 2.0

Many environmental observers realise and accept that we are doomed.

Climate change is almost certainly unstoppable. We have painted many ecosystems and species into a corner and as climate change worsens, some of those environmental niche corners will be obliterated.

The more humanity and the activities of humanity expand, the more we squeeze out all other life.

Doomed. As I say.

The biodiversity loss will be catastrophic. Quite possibly the worst thing to happen to the Earth in 65 million years when we lost all of those lovely dinosaurs.

Noah’s Ark 2.0

Are you currently involved in a conservation project? Maybe you’re involved in turtle conservation, or looking after a pocket of ancient forest? For all those involved in biodiversity conservation projects, while humanity scrabbles over the last tin of beans, it is up to you to carry on with your work. This way, we may manage to minimise the biodiversity losses.

A starving human population might want to eat the last thousand members of the species that you are trying to conserve.  You might need to hide them or move them.

As humanity disappears up its own arse, conservationists will have tough job. But if we stick to that purpose, we could limit some of the biodiversity loss.

If you’re looking after the last example of type of forest, it might be the case that climate change will wipe it out. That could mean that you need to relocate the forest. That could be tricky. Assuming that cars and trucks are still a workable thing, you might have to translocate saplings of your forest a thousand miles north or south to a new suitable home range for trees. Travelling distances could become problematic as you may need to avoid pirates and highway robbers.

You might have to think about how to keep the remaining zombie-like humans away from your turtle nesting beaches.

Coral reefs will have to expand into new territories as they die off in the old ones. Translocating coral ecosystems to new ranges will also mean having to avoid bands of robber-humans.

If you’re Sea Shepard, life could become interesting. Suddenly, that pirate flag will take on more of its older connotations as you may have to resort to violent tactics to thwart those who seek strip away the last of the ocean biodiversity.

All of these conservation activities will have to continue while simultaneously trying to keep yourself alive.

A thousand years from now, when the planet still has Blue Whales, Gharials and giant redwoods, it will all have been worth it.

And the Earth will have you to thank.

There have been 5 mass extinctions in Earth’s history.

Whatever happens to humanity, we need to minimise the current mass extinction. Let’s make sure extinction number 6, caused by human interaction with the biosphere, is kept to a minimum.

Hopefully at some point in the future, humanity will find itself and become a wonderful thing on face of the Earth. And hopefully, we will have taken the vast majority of species with us into new life; thanks to continued conservation through very challenging times.

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