Significant progress on the climate and biodiversity crisis is within reach and it’s such a simple solution…

But you’re not going to like it.

Actually, it’s not that bad. You just need to be open to it.

And that ‘it’ is giving up meat or cutting back on it.

Cutting out meat has 2 big wins attached to it. The first is in cutting climate emissions. The second, much bigger win, is in combating biodiversity loss.

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Is eating meat natural?

Is it natural for humans to eat meat?

Humans are far from the natural animal that they once were. We are way beyond ‘natural’ and getting more ‘unnatural’ all the time. It’s very obvious that humans are very different from all other animals. We know that we live on a spherical planet as part of a solar system. We know where that solar system is within a spiral galaxy. We know the evolutionary history of our planet and how we are genetically related to all other life on Earth; we are more related to some things than others, but at the end of the day we are all ‘Family Earth.’ Our technological sophistication allows us to do incredible things; things that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago.

So if what we are like today was unimaginable 50 years ago, how unimaginable will we be in another 50 years?

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Drinking milk from animals is coming to an end

The writing is on the wall – drinking milk that comes from animals is coming to an end.

A recent article by Plant Based News suggests that 1 in 3 Brits now drink plant-based milks. While in America, almost half of all American households are purchasing plant-based milk.

The uptake of plant-based milk seems to be growing exponentially.

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If everyone stopped eating meat, what would happen to all those animals?


It seems to be a common question. When there’s a big story in the media about a massive problem linked to animal agriculture and some commentator offers the solution of removing animals from our diets, people often ask – “But what would happen to all those animals; all those cows or pigs? Would they all have to become pets or moved to a reserve, and how impractical would that be?”

If you spend a few minutes thinking about this question, you soon find that it isn’t an issue at all.

Here’s why…

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Should humanity go vegan?

An ethical dilemma of our time is – is it ok to eat meat or should we go vegetarian or even vegan?

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